Your Insurance Coverage Must Now Provide Mental Health Care.

Final Ruling on Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008. November 8, 2013-Today, the final ruling was to increase the parity between mental health/substance use disorder benefits and medical/surgical benefits. This means that, for the first time, your insurance benefits must provide equal mental health benefits and physical health benefits. The initial legislation […]

Introducing the New Kid on the Block to Treat Depression: “Brintellix”.

Introducing the New Kid on the Block to Treat Depression: “Brintellix”. October 1, 2013-Takeda Pharmaceuticals has just released their latest FDA-approved medication to treat adults with Major Depressive Disorder called “Brintellix” with the generic name of “Vorioxetine”. It is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg tablets. It works on Serotonin receptors, which means that it […]

Why Take a Pill Every Day? One Shot per Month

Highlight: Abilify Maintena Have I taken my meds today? I think so. This morning, right? No, that was yesterday… The lastest breakthrough in new psychiatry meds is Abilify Maintena. Currently, it is only FDA-approved for the treatment of Schizophrenia. But remember all those TV ads about Abilify being used to make your antidepressant work better? […]

DSM-5: The New Intellectual Disability

The DSM-5 has changed the term “mental retardation” and replaced it with “intellectual disability”. This was done for several reasons, one of the main was to decrease the stigma associated with the use of the former term. There are several levels of intellectual disability severity: mild, moderate, severe and profound. By Dr. Terra Caudill, MD, […]

New Sleeping Pill Is Coming Soon

The FDA recently called for a decrease in the recommended dosage of Ambien, a medication used to treat people who have trouble going to sleep. This was in part due to many reports of people having a sleep-walking type of event in which the person feels wide awake at the time, but has no memory […]

The DSM-5: Tons of Paper and Ink

This job was so big that it took 2 printing companies to get it done. 150,000 copies of the softcover book. 31,000 copies of the hardcover book. 50,000 copies of the Desk Reference (the mini version). It took 11-and-a-half truckloads of paper from the mill weighing over 12,000 pounds. And then they still needed 5,000 pounds […]

DSM-5: The New Caffeine Withdrawal

The DSM-IV had included the diagnosis of “Coffee Intoxication”. A funny sounding term, but if you’ve ever had too much coffee, you know know what it is… Runnin’ around, talking really fast, feeling jittery, upset stomach, maybe even some diarrhea. The DSM-5 has added the inverse “Caffeine Withdrawal” to our list of diagnoses. Another odd […]

DSM-5: The New Substance Use Disorder

The DSM-5 has combined the former “Substance Abuse” and “Substance Dependence” disorders into one new “Substance Use” disorder with mild, moderate, and severe modifiers. The former Substance Dependence disorder implied “addiction” such as having tolerance buildup (needing to use more over time) or withdrawal symptoms (when not using). However, this is not the case for […]

DSM-5: The New Autism Spectrum Disorder

The DSM-5 has created a new single diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum Disorder” that includes the former Autism and Asperger’s diagnoses with indicators of the severity of symptoms. This was done because it was difficult to accurately diagnose disorders which really are minor/major variations of one disorder. Hopefully, this will allow physicians to use a diagnosis that […]

Pfizer Pipeline: New Drugs In The Making

Pfizer Pipeline: New Drugs In The Making (August 9, 2013) – Pfizer is in the process of developing the following new drugs that may prove very useful in the field of Psychiatry drugs: AAC-001 (Phase 2): New Alzheimer’s disease vaccine AAB-003 (Phase 1): New biologic Alzheimer’s treatment SAM-760 (Phase 3): New Alzheimer’s treatment PF-04958242 (Phase […]